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Journals for the Sociology of Religion

JMany journals publish work in the sociology of religion, including specialised journals and generalist sociology journals, but also in journals devoted to religious studies, and history. We have listed some of these journals in (our view of) their order of importance for sociology of religion as a discipline. 

Previously Sociological Analysis this journal was begun as a journal for the Catholic Sociological Association, which became the ASR.

The JSSR publishes not only work by sociologists of religion, but also psychologists and political scientists.

Although it has a broader consituency, it is in some ways the unofficial journal of SocRel, having strong ties to that study group. Also broader than sociology of religion.

Social Compass is published four times a year by the IASR, and contains a mix of submitted and commissioned articles.

Unofficially the journal of the Center for Cricital Research on Religion, CRR began in 2013 with the stated aim of providing a broad space for critical work on religion from a number of different disciplines.

MTSR began as an explicitly anti-theological journal from the University of Toronto, and it maintains that character to this day.

Studies in Critical Research on Religion

A book series rather than a journal, but one that will undoubtedly be of interest to critically minded sociologists of religion.

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