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Reading Lists

On this page we have bibliographies of key readings in topics in the Sociology of religion, which should be helpful for students or academics wanting to explore a new subject area. In time we will add to the available bibliographies, including themes, countries, religious traditions and denominations. Where we know that material is available online as open access sources, we have embedded links in the pdf.


Please get in touch if you're knowledgeable about a particular area, and you wouldlike to contribute a bibliography.

Subject Areas

> Cultural Sociology of the Sacred (Gordon Lynch, University of Kent) COMING SOON!

> Feminism and Religion (Dawn Llewellyn, University of Chester) COMING SOON!

> Islam in Britain (Daniel DeHanas, King's College London) COMING SOON!

Online Religious Innovation (Beth Singler, University of Cambridge) COMING SOON!

> Secularity and Non-Religion (Lois Lee, University College London) COMING SOON!

> Social Problems and Religion (Titus Hjelm, University College, London) COMING SOON!

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Religion by Country

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Sociology of Religious Movements, Traditions and Denominations

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Can't find what you're looking for?


Try the searchable bibliography maintained at the Associociation of Religion Data Archives here.

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